Wednesday, December 23, 2009

íþróttakona ársins

Sweet, some already knew, but I really had no idea I was respected this much in Fimleikahusid Bjork!
I'm sportswoman of the year over all sporting departments located in FBjork! (Which is, gymnastics, climbing, taekwondo and the general department with adult-gymnastics, fit-kid and more)
I felt flattered by the little speech about me; a summing of the things I've done with climbing and for FBjork last year.
The real feast will be on the 29th of December, when all good sporters in the town of Hafnarfjordur will be rewarded on the sports gala of the year, organized by the town.
Unfortunately I won't be in Iceland on the 29th. I hope Sjofn will take the credits for me.
(Oh, yes, and I still have a blue eye...)

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