Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Byebye Iceland, hello icy Holland

Yesterday around 10 local Dutch time I finally arrived in the Netherlands!
I left 7 o clock in the morning from Iceland after a short but fun stay in our Van at the Reykjanes peninsula.
Due to the two flocks of snow in London and the two and a half in Holland, it took me a record time to get to Holland.
The pilots of IcelandExpress were joking about the 2mm snow layer in Icelandic, but were really serious in the English comments about the landing times and possible cancellation of the flight.
I was lucky and could get my flight to Amsterdam, but on the screen I saw more and more canceled flights.
My parents and brother we so happy to see me again. The last time I visited the Netherlands was more then 9 months ago. So I really had to catch up a bit.
Today I went shopping with my mum in a close by town called Bussum.
We bought a pair of trousers together, yes together. We apparently have the same size, so we share.
And of course we did some Christmas shopping. Getting more and more presents under the tree.
After that all we went to Albert Heijn, my favorite Dutch supermarket. They just sell all the food you need and it's tasteful, much better then most Icelandic vegetables, bread and diaries.
Be bought the ingredients for 'boerenkool' (farmers cabbage) a dish made with a green lettuce likely cabbage cooked with mashed potatoes, brown sauce from meat (not the fake tasteless stuff from a package) and a 'rookworst (smoke sausage). I loved it!

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