Friday, December 04, 2009

Iceland food crisis

You know, IceSave and more here in Iceland has quite a big impact. It's pretty irritating how everything goes here. People have massive loans, massive cars, but complain about the taxes. But on the other hand, people like me, no loan, no big car also have to pay those taxes. On the food for example we now have even more tax. So basic supermarket food for one day can cost you over 25 euros per person. Weekly I shop for at about 25.000 kronur just food (around 120 euro's) I don't even think about eating out, or buying other things like clothing. Quite worrying for Christmas though...
Eating out wasn't so good here anyway (except the Italian restaurant in Akureyri) even Mac Donald's has been changed into some sucky "Metro". Bad dry tasteless mini burgers for way too much (fries, coke, burger for 8 Euro's). I really think I'll go to Mac Donald's when I get to Holland.

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