Thursday, March 27, 2008

Greetings from Holland

Finally, the movie from the Dutch ´politician´ Geert Wilders is online, as he promised, in time.

Actually thye whole movie is a bit of bla bla, disgusting images and more bla bla.
Could have been better. Although, I´m not so sure if I all agree to mr. Wilders. All is panic and hate spreading words towars other peoples opposite hate spreading words doesn´t make living any better I think.

I never had any problems with my own friends, and now one politician says that I should not accept their religion? Bit unnatural for me.
But...maybe he´s right, I don´t know, the future wil tell.

For watching (warning: upload is extremely slow) click on the link.

Have fun, take some popcorn, big coke and keep on thinking brightly.

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