Sunday, March 23, 2008

Climbing at Puma de Rocca

Finally, our first day on nice warm, soft, yellow limestone. We were completely overexcited and tired of yesterdays trip.
So up to Puma de Rocca, the route I could hardly do last year and did as warmöup this year! Yes, I think I got a bit better, that just feels really good.
After a couple weeks on our own, my really good friends arrived. Suddenly we were with a goup of over 10 people having fun.
That day there was rain, again, after some other days of rain in spain. Wasn´t the saying: the rain in southern Spain always stays on the plane? Well, not this time then. We camped for the last time in our tent and expirienced the fox at its worst...
All nights we were woken up by three roosters and a dog which pretended to be a rooster at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ´o clock in the night...And then there was the fox. Searching for food on the campsite. Our tent was so small that we could hardly fit ourselves in it. So we kept the food in thick good bags outside of the tent.
But this night the fox was not impressed by our good packing and ripped our rain covers, bags and some contents. We woke up because of it and jumped out of the tent. Becuase foxes can have all kind of diseases we were a bit careful not to come close. The fox was not impressed and cam closer. In our attempts to hit the fox we broke the mail tent pole! The fox left but our tent got completely soaked because of the rain. Gerat.
The next morning evrything was drying on the cabin we slept in afterwards.
(Pics will come later)

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