Sunday, July 14, 2013


We're on our way.
The engine in Climbuz seems to hold just fine. Some little parts (like the dashboard indicators) aren't working yet and some things still need to be fixed (with Sugru).
And Dennis knows how to fix it all.
Love having my personal mechanic (oh, that sounds wrong...)

And as Climbuz still is not a Porsche or Ferrari we had a climbing stop at Kronthal (yay, sandstone!)

Urlaub, the German word for holiday.

That's what most people call it when you leave your house and get on the road to some sunny destination.
And thats what we just did. At about.

Only difference is that we don't call this holiday. It's our way of living and we have to work for it. Really hard.
Part of our 'holiday' was our annual trip to OutDoor in Friedrichshafen.
Meet our sponsors, see new gear, get a good view on the market I work at (the Outdoor industry), and most special thing this year was the lecture I gave.

And it all went so well.
People were interested, motivated and had so much positive feedback on my lecture.
I'm so motivated now to do this again :)

Other great thing is our new awesome sponsor.
Awesome because they make functional bling-bling.
And not just a plastic piece that makes you feel like it's all dark outside.
No, real sunglasses. You can even get them shaped for you when you're wearing glasses in your every-day life too.
Luckily I don't need that, but it's possible, and thats cool.
The next weeks in the Alps will be a good test to see how my new shiny sunglasses will last.
If you're interested in bling-bling too, then like the Facebook page and visit the website 
Oh, curious to know what brand?
Julbo, of course :)
(What other brand makes glasses that are actually functional)

And after all that good news we drove to Chamonix. With a sleepover next to a beautiful river at Därstatten (Swiss).

Reason for the sleepover was the stupid petrol-station that took our €50,- but didn't supply us with any Diesel in return.
We had to wait until the shop would be open again to get our €50,- back.
Unfortunately we now missed the finals of the European Championships (sportsclimbing) in Chamonix.

After a break to meet up with Dennis parents (who will join our climbing trip for this week) and a hitchhiker we arrived at camping 'Mer de Glace' close to Chamonix.
It quite weird to be at a campsite. Climbuz isn't used to campsites, and we find it strange to suddenly be inbetween so many weird campsite-people again.
Hopefully we'll manage and get enough climbing done this week.

For now: need-to-climb-need-to-feed-addiction-...

Because of our little petrol issue we didn't have a chance to climb yet (for FOUR days!)
So I need to make up for all the non climbing.
I always feel so guilty towards myself when I haven't climbed for three days. Imagine four days...
The running and hiking I've done instead doesn't count to me... I really need to pull on rock (or ice).


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