Monday, July 29, 2013

Dolomites adventure

For almost three weeks in the Dolomites. 
So much to do, so scary, so beautiful!

Day 1. 
Via Demetz-Guck

Day 2. 

We have no idea what we climbed :(
The idea was the Messner on the 2. Sellaturm. 
Some other climbers said the route was wet and bailed without trying. 
We climbed on what seemed the first pitch and since then we were "lost" on the wall. Every 10 to 15 meters we found something as pro (little cords, scary nut/cam placements and inventive pitons) Meanwhile underneath us another group started and bailed on the first pitch...
Thanks to Dennis motivation and all our pitons we made it to the top. 
A local guide told us that the route was almost always wet and he had big respect for us climbing the face of that wall. He also told us the actual start of the route was more to the left. No idea which 'left' he meant.
The Messner is originally just 8 pitches graded UIAA 6. We did it in at about 15 pitches with all the traversing. The grade felt like somewhere in between UIAA 6 and 7+.
Welcome to the Dolomites?

Day 3. 

First 30min hike uphill, then a big 3,5hour educational 'climb' through the historical Italian WW1 tunnels to the top of the cliff then 1,5hr hike to the start of the viaferrata, then 1hr of 'wire-climbing' (yes we were fast) and then 1,5hrs walking back to the car. It wasn't real climbing, it was supposed to be a restday but it was so much fun!

Day 4. Restday in the super touristic Cortina, and it's raining. Perfect planning :)

Later when we have a better internet connection pictures and more of course. 

Much later: Venice (Venezia).