Sunday, July 03, 2011

Viva & Arla

So cool!
I won, I won, yes, yes. I won a restyle of our beloved campervan.
A professional stylist would come and restyle our van and I got an interview with pictures of the restyle in Dutch magazine 'Viva'.
A month ago the team came over and did the restyle. A professional photographer took pictures. New cushions, a plaid... And I was pretty excited about it. Arla, Scandinavian brand for diary products is new on the Dutch market and financed the restyle. So on the pictures you see some Arla yoghurt drinks and in the interview we focused on food and natural things fitting with the image of Arla. Though, it also fits me, so nothing in the interview is twisted or faulty.
This week the magazine is in the shops.

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