Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boulder 1.

Might be strange, after loosing a person you love, but, life goes on.

And so I go, on, and on... Maybe a bit too fast the last week as I have a cold sore, feel really tired and wonder why my recovery goes so slow.
But well, life is not bad at all, sun, putting flower bulbs in my garden, trying to grow vegetables, climbing a bit (a lot)...
So, after been quiet for a couple weeks (on my blog) I write again. About fun, climbing, and how much fun it is to climb.

Here's what's been going on last weeks:

1. Promotop, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. National lead competition. With just climbing for a week on plastic again after just holding on my axes for a couple months. I had to get used to the climbing and did 'reasonable' with a 1st place in the Promo class and 7th in top class.

(Me in Lead 1. Nieuwegein)

2. Demo's, Enschede and Bussum. The season is not over yet. With two iceclimbing demo's I held on my axes for the last time this season. Enschede, the TSAC (Twentse Studenten Alpen Club) held an mountainsports-day for the 50th anniversary of the University in Enschede. I was invited to give a demo Iceclimbing. With 3 demo's and over 60 watching me per demo, it was quite a success.

(Herman & co. putting up my drytool route and the woodblocks, iceclimbing pictures and "Truus" the climbing wall in Enschede)

Next day, Sunday, next demo. Bussum this time. For the regional Mountainsports-day. It seems to be popular, holding this 'mountainsports-days'. Less organised, strange (bad) communication, but still fun. I had to build my own "ice" route and climbed it once a couple hours later. Truong and Ferdinand were also invited for clinics and demo's.

(Me in Bussum putting up my iceclimbing pictures and me in in my demo-route)

Some restdays now, some friends over for climbing and dinner, some first-aid course and it's already Saturday again.

(My garden, full of plum-tree flowers and my little vegetable garden with tiny carrots, broccoli, lettuce and more)

(Arnoud climbing with Kim in Monte Cervino before dinner at our place)

3. Boulder 1. the national boulder competition. I did reasonable for an iceclimber. But as I want to be an allround climber, I did 'o.k.' With a 3th place after the qualifications, a lot of nervous climbing, stress, lack of concentration, tired arms and legs, a bit hungry and a bit cold I landed on a 5th place. Not satisfied, as I wanted to maintain my position... Missing some finger strength and experience in boulder-movements... Hopefully a top three next time (in two weeks already!)

(Pictures: Truong and me in the finals of Boulder 1. Bussum)

Now: try to get work fixed and relax a bit.
Picture credits: Truong Ngo, Hans van der Steen and unknown photographer on the Lead 1. in Nieuwegein.

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:-) said...

Bedankt voor het heerlijke eten na een dagje klimmen, en de gezellige avond voor de houtkachel! Liefs, Arnoud & Kim