Thursday, March 24, 2011

GriGri 2

A new toy.
Gear-freak as I am, I'm always happy being able to test new gear :)
This time it's the new GriGri.
My old precious GriGri is now replaced by it's improved sister: GriGri 2.
I noticed I'm not the only one with this new little toy, so I gave it some fancy colour... Pink.
I had to get used to it a bit. Pretty much the same handling, but still...different. As the GriGri 2 is smaller, it's a bit different to give out rope and to lower the climber.
The new lowering system works nice, and looks a bit like the system used in industrial devices like the Rig.
More about this little thing in this video:


Valdimar said...

Yeah! I tried one of these last september and I really liked it. Still to get one though.

Anonymous said...

How did you do the glitter effect on it? It looks really cool!