Saturday, January 08, 2011

Semi Finals!

And again, a very bad internet connection. I stole the cable from the media-tent (one internet connection for more then a hundred (!!!) media (tv, newspapers, radio...)
But nevertheless...we're both in the semi-finals!
I even managed to get to the difficult semi-finals in the speed climbing! I landed 12th after many Russians and Koreans, ranking-wise not my best result, climbing-wise my best result ever :)
Dennis was really unlucky and slipped off with the speed, meaning 'no result'...
But he wasn't too sad about it because it's already 7 'o clock (just minutes after we climbed our last route) and we've been here since 8 'o clock this morning...
So, up for the semi-finals tomorrow and hopefully even the finals!

Photo: me in the qualification route (by Dennis)

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