Wednesday, January 26, 2011

6th on the Worldcup

Finally, after a year of recovering, climbing and dedication to the sports, I did it...I climbed the finals of the worldcup iceclimbing!
And I wasn't even too bad. Out of 8 who reached the finals I became 6th! With a very, very close distance to the 5th, 4th and 3th place :)
Meaning: I'm improving!
Now, we're already far away from Saas Fee again, back in Kandersteg. With enough ice this time to climb some real ice routes.
I find it difficult, sometimes scary, tiring, cold! And it's logical, we're on an iceclimbing trip so we should climb ice :)
This weekend we'll climb a competition again, Rabenstein it will be. Not a worldcup but a high-class competition with many worldcup climbers.
And then it will be Romania we'll head for. For the third worldcup of the season.
Together with Dutch climber Ferdinand Schulte we'll try to do well in Busteni.

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