Friday, December 03, 2010

Vertical ice in Holland!

For the first time ever: iceclimbing on natural ice, outdoors, own little flat country: the Netherlands!

Today, Friday will be the first Dutch ICEclimbing championships.

Thomas Knoope created his own iceclimbing wall last year. This year the NKBV (Dutch Alpine Club) came to the idea of holding a competition on the wall.
It's amazing to have so much frost (I know...most of you prefer rain instead of snow...but I just love this's just only a bit cold...)
There's a lot of media attention for the event. This morning I had an interview with Radio West and Joost just had an interview with BNR Newsradio. Even TV is expected this evening!

At home we're also creating our own iceclimbing wall on the haystack.

You're all welcome to watch or join the comp. For more information check the NKBV website.
The address: Oud Bodegraafseweg 85, Bodegraven, just behind the N11 bridge. promised, the video of our latest adventure in Scotland, the STS.
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Photo: part of the competition wall for Fridays comp by Thomas Knoope

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