Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scottish Tooling Series, hit&run

And yet again another competition.
After Innsbrück we now went to Schotland, Edinburgh.
We were there to take part in the Scottish Tooling Series comp in EICA Ratho.
A friendly competition for climbers, by climbers.
There were more then 60 (!) competitors in all categories (veterans and youth included)
For the qualifications we had to climb 15 different routes. Varying in difficulty from M1/M2 to at about M8 (?)
I flashed or onsighted almost all except one, I fell out on the top :(
So, in the overall ranking I was shared second together with Malcolm [Kent].
Dennis was 'ruling', with climbing all the routes and so being first in the finals!
I didn't do too well in the finals. I missed a draw and had to climb back in the difficult part of the route, and I struggled with the slippery logs... Not too happy with my result but still being first :)
Later more about the whole adventure (incl: sleeping outside, Christmas in Edinburgh, meeting the massive amount of Scottish climbers, the Ian Parnell photo presentation, the night at the airport, climbing with Rob and Malc... and of course a little video...)


Leon said...

"smelly Dennis and his partner Marianne"?? Whahaha, not quite the reputation I expected! ;-))

:) said...

smelly Dennis...haha, just read it. Thanks Malc for helping us with our good reputation ;)
Unless we win the lottery/find a proper sponsor we'll be smelly I guess :)

Leon said...

I can imagine it now:
Dennis & Marianne, sponsored by Calvin Klein Obsession and Boss Nr. 1

You should look into this! :-)