Monday, November 01, 2010

Iceland 3

Yes, home...bored... after I did...
  • Fitness to do yoga
  • Ikea for a warmer bed cover and some lists for my new pictures (thanks to Gummi)
  • Make an appointment for the VW, new Winter tyres
  • Go to the toilet for a poo
  • Some knitting, a new Icelandic sweater
  • Washing all dirty clothes
  • E-mailing Boreal, Petzl, Cintamani and you
  • Crackbooking
  • Reading the Dutch newspaper NRC
  • Reading a book about neurology
  • Make a video of my trip to Iceland
And now I forgot to take a shower...again. Dirty...


Leon said...

Excellent! You now have plenty of time for your thesis! ;-)

:) said... I'm supposed to work on some other things...
Have to say, I'm quite motivated to work on it again :)