Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Climbing is sooo 2014!

Fireworks over Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Last night Dennis and I were lying in bed and wondering... what do we want to do in 2014.

I've never planned a year as much as I just did for 2014. Big trips, visits and challenges. I've never wanted as much climbing as I want for 2014. And when I woke up this morning, the last day of 2013 we decided to work on all those big plans.

Let me start with the little ones. Motto: Let's play :)

- Build caves in our living-room and bedroom with blankets, the couch and other stuff. You're all invited.
- Play hide&seek with my parents and brother.
- Do cartwheels on the street every day at least once.
- Run, jump and laugh at least once a day.

I also have bigger plans.
First I need to join more snow stuff: skiing. And then I need to drytool more too.
I really hope to join and do well on the Worldcup Iceclimbing this January and February. In between I really want to climb M13 and do some awesome multipitch mixed stuff. In April I'll visit Malta and Thanks to Alpine Mentors I hope to go to Denali in June. Then it's Summer time and at the end of the Summer we're planning a trip to Africa. Maybe Namibia or maybe...? And then...time for even bigger things: India with the Alpine Mentor Programme! And then it's time for drytooling again :D

Hard thing about this programme is money. I truly wish I can finally focus more on training and less on working. We're desperately searching for better and very sustainable financing of all the climbing. Any, any suggestions are more then welcome!

With the idea of sustainability we made a very sad and awkward decision. We decided to end our sponsorship with Petzl. We don't have the feeling we're working on a durable cooperation and think we can't honestly represent the brand properly anymore.
We think it's sad. We've been struggling with this for quite a while now and today was our deadline for a solve of the issues. After a year of struggle with communication and lack of usable climbing gear there came no solve so, we quit...

Anyway. A lot of challenges. Challenges are good. They make you grow, discover and learn.
And that's what I want to wish you all for 2014: play, grow, discover and learn.

- Work hard with a smile -

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