Friday, December 13, 2013

Because who is perfect?

A couple years ago I wasn't a freelancer yet.
I found it really hard to find a job in between all the climbing that I wanted to do and all I studied seemed useless.
So I started for a employment agency.

Once I got a call and they asked me if I was strong enough to sand mannequin dolls every day to get them ready for paint jobs.
It turned out to be one of the biggest mannequin factories of the world. And the thing I was doing was just manual labour in a dark small and super dirty dusty 'hutch'.
The attitude within the company was horrible. I was treated like a 'no-one' as I had one of the lowest jobs within the company. The one giving me the demands within the company was horrible. Arrogant.
I worked hard and breathe the unhealthy epoxy dust every day.
I was quite overwhelmed by the artificial perfection of the mannequin dolls. And wondered if this is what they want to have us see as perfect bodies.
I decided to make a couple pictures and write a post about my new job. Asked for permission before I posted the writing and pictures on my blog and the arrogant guy gave permission. I wrote about that it was hard work, but I'd get the job done.
A couple days later I got a ridiculous phonecall, they'd sue me, they'd blackmail me, they'd make sure I'd never get a job again, anywhere. And removing the post on my blog wouldn't be enough.
As you understand, this was the last day I'd worked there. I did remove the post though.

Through Facebook I just found this little documentary about mannequin dolls and the real human body.
It's a beautiful contrast to how I'd seen the mannequin dolls in that factory in the Netherlands.
Next time you watch a magazine or look at the mannequins in the windows, just remind yourself that those dolls are pure imperfection.
This is perfection:

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