Friday, October 12, 2012

Indian Creek

Indian Creek
a.k.a "Mama...*"
* hurts
* ....this is scary
*'s so hot here
* ....water, water, wat....

After a week of mental and physical challenging try-outs for the Alpine Mentor Programme I had a couple 'restdays'. Buster and I decided to spent these days in trad Sandstone area Indian Creek.
Indian Creek is a rare and special place located in the desert in Utah.
It's like you'd expect in a desert: dry, dusty and hot during the day and freezing nights.
At the local bivy/campsite we warmed ourselves at the campfire (thanks Steven).
On te day Buster was my personal crack climbing teacher.
He took me on a 5.10, a level I'd easily climb on French Limestone. Here I had no idea how to get my hands right inside the rock and even figured a head-jam was easier sometimes...
After a while I got a 'hand' of it and was proud to flash 5.11's!
Six routes on a day was my maximum for the first day. Bruises on my hands, forearms and up to my shoulders...
After a good night sleep in the dust and a real American breakfast I was ready for another day.
Proud to struggle my way up on 5.11+ and what looked like a 5.9 but turned out to be 5.10+...
Yet another amazing climbing day!
Now looking back on two amazing and intense climbing days. I'll never forget my first days in Indian Creek. When shall we go again? :)
Today we took a shower in Moab and drive on to the Black Canyon for four days of multipitch climbing with the Alpine Mentor Team in the Black Canyon.

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