Monday, May 21, 2012

Best climbing video of the Year!

No wonder it took Petzl some time to edit all the China-images.
They created a master-piece!
This video is the full version on what you've seen before about the Petzl Roc Trip 2011.
Getu Vally, China was the location.
Amazing culture, awesome climbing!
Most climbing video's show pro-climbers pulling on holds for 15 minutes and don't snow anything (or hardly anything) of the environment. This video shows what climbing is all about: hard moves, nice atmosphere and beautiful surroundings in perfect editing. The music, the images, it just all comes together.

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I was wondering last weekend, what company would ever want to organise such an event when they have so much rock around them at home?
I figured Petzl really does this all for the climbers. Just for us. For you. And with that in my mind I found the whole Petzl Roc Trip concept the best there is!

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