Monday, June 06, 2011

Ibbenbüren climbing weekend

Been quiet on my blog lately.
Sorry for that.
Been busy with...climbing.
A competition in Arnhem (5th, quite okay but should have been better) and last weekend I was involved in family business with Dennis' family (which was quite nice actually) and of course...climbing. This time another area in Germany, not Ettringen but Ibbenbüren was our destination. For the first time.
Eveline told us to go there and borrowed her topo to us. (Thanks)
It was quite okay. Pretty friendly area, good for families, beginners, semi-beginners and even for us there was something to climb.
Though, when you get there for the first time without any guidance it might be hard to figure the right path to the climbing sectors. The 'treasure map' in the topo only helped just a bit...
And when it's as damp and hot as it was this weekend, it's quite hard to climb without chalk!
Most is bolted but I had the chance to play again with my 'Elbsandstein knots'.
Fun and worth another weekend!

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