Thursday, February 03, 2011

Busteni adventures

There we are, it's early in the morning but all Romanians are already awake, so I couldn't sleep any the public kitchen is next to our bedroom...
Two days ago we got a rental car and drove to Dortmund, almost in once. Around 22:30 we really had to stop as we were both too tired to drive the car. The thing was eating petrol (Benzine) like it was candy and it 'trembled' off the road if you tried to drive 150 km/h which is an normal speed for a German highway. And thus saw our money disappear on petrol faster then the top-speed of the car.
We slept in a 'formula 1' roadside hotel (the hotels truckers use to meet up with hookers, murderers use as home and we felt like we were in a well I don't know...) It was a pretty funny combination. In the evening we cooked some food on the MacDonalds parking-lot without even thinking of going inside of the Mac and that evening we took a back-door in the Burger King to get to our Hotel bedroom...
When we arrived on the airport, there were supposed to be some lockers for our luggage, but nope, as I was already afraid of: no lockers, not a chance to store your luggage for some days... Shit...
Luckily we could store the stuff in Ferdinands car, problem solved.
And then we flew, all the way...between some drunk Dutch and a lot of ugly people.
We arrived on some ini-mini-tiny airport, welcome in Romania.
We we told to take bus 780 from somewhere close to the airport and then take the train to Busteni. Easier said then done.
Taxi, taxi, taxi louche taxi drivers whispered around us. We ignored them, bought our bus ticket for four people (no idea why she gave us four, as were are with three) and waited. And waited, waited, and waited. Until finally, quite too late, our bus arrived!
Stress! Were we going to make it to the train in time?
Some Romanian told us it would take 30 minutes, so we wouldn't make it in time we thought...
Suddenly it only took 15 minutes. I ran, ran, ran, stopped, got the right platform, ran again, Busteni I asked, yes, Busteni it was, Ferdinand and Dennis also hopped in and there we were, no train ticket, but we had the right train.
We sat down in a coupé which was already occupied by a man which we in 'Europe' would describe as burglar, the one you don't want to meet in a back-alley.
Later we met his friend, was he his friend? I don't speak a word in Romanian but I sort of understood what he said. We figured he's 50 years old and because of the knitted USA Formula one sweater he looked a bit more 'trustful'.
We bought a ticket in the train, by a man who spoke some un-understandable Italian. The normal price for a ticket, when you buy one in the train was 49,50 Lei. (about 12 Euro) so, we decided to buy three.
He wrote a something, made a ticket and meanwhile we fed him some old Dutch cheese.
He decided to make us a deal. We paid 50 Lei for one ticket, paid him 50 Lei and got 50 Lei back of the original 150 Lei. What a deal.
Later we figured from our 'trustful' friend that his daily salary was about 50 Lei. Meaning we just paid the man and extra day salary...
Our 'trustful' friend was talking about politics with the burglar and when the burglar went for a smoke he turned to us. The first things he got out in Romanian was something about Hitler.
We didn't figure straight away if he was against the thing or not.
But, when he showed the tattoo on his leg (a red flag with a skull, four stars and a Nazi cross) we were pretty sure about his Hitler support.
He kept on talking and I was about to take a picture of his beautiful (not) tattoo when we were called out, this was already Busteni! Shit, we ran out of the train, jumped out, onto the rails and ran to the train station. Gosh, lucky?
There we were, on the side of the street in the dark with big trucks driving through the little town with 80 km/h.
We walked a bit around and finally found our Romanian Mountain Hut. They knew of our arrival and had a 4p. bedroom available for us.
We went back in town, bought some cheap beer, crisps and more and after some gritstone climbing movie, we fell asleep...
And this is where we are now, early in the morning, eating our way-too-hard-old-concrete bread ready too meet Count Darcula.

And: here, two (!) new movies, of what we did outdoors next to the Worldcups. Not too much though, as there was hardly any ice :( So no Flying Circus, Twin Towers or more yet...
And one of our Rabenstein adventures. As we finally have internet, I'm happy to show you more then just a single picture. Enjoy!

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