Friday, February 04, 2011

Busteni adventures 3

Day three in Romania.
And still no climbing.
I gradually start to get trouble with my addiction (climbing) as I haven't climbed for 5 days now...
Hereby I intend to feed my addiction on another way: by being online all day on the slug-slow Romanian internet. I can tell you: it doesn't work...
This evening will be the official opening (originally planned on...yesterday) and then finally I'll climb, on Saturday.
I'm wondering how good/bad it is to take such long rest from climbing.
In case the internet completely breaks down here, the program (no idea if it's the right program) can be found here. And in case I'm climbing during an internet-wave, here you can find the live-stream.
And, because it's always good to look back on fun activities, here some video's from Lukasz for Planet Fear. (Still wondering why I'm not 'starring in the video, but hey, whatever :)

Wild bear detection counter for today: still no bears spotted...

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