Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Iceland's financial crisis

I used to live in Iceland for a couple years. Exactly in the time that the Icelandic bank system collapsed.

I read and speak Icelandic and so I read the free newspaper (Frettabladid) every day and regularly read one of the other newspapers as well. (Morgunbladid)

I was alway surprised by the lack of information the newspaper gave on the crisis. Before the whole crash, I knew more about it through the Dutch and other foreign newspapers then through the national Icelandic newspapers.

Also other news always seems to be outdated. Often the news articles didn't really reflect what was happening in the world, or I already read the whole version of the story a couple days ago in the online version of any Dutch newspaper.

Now, often people told me that the Icelandic newspapers are very proper, with a good standard, I almost started to believe in that.

But, today I read an article in the Icelandic-English paper Grapevine.
'The Watchdog that didn't bark'. About how the Icelandic newspapers spread political propaganda instead of hard facts about the crisis. And, as I still read the online version of the newspapers, to keep up with what's going on in Iceland...I noticed they didn't change for one bit...

You can read the story here on Grapevine.is

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