Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Adventure racing

Some people do more then just climbing...

Like Wodi and his team. (Team Falke sportswear with Fokko Hoeksma, Ton van Os, Sophia van der Linden and Wouter-Dirk Huitzing)
They're taking part now in the World Championship Adventure Racing.
At the moment they're not 'number one' but I just find it pretty hard-core just taking part in such a thing anyway :)
On the website Vertical Dissidents you can follow the adventures (in Dutch)
Wodi texted to Vertical Dissidents: "At the moment we're 24hrs behind on the number one and we're forced to take shortcuts. The third MTB track was pretty heavy, we'd been taking too much time there."

Here a little vid of one of Wodi's previous races in the Netherlands.

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