Monday, July 02, 2007

Last Dutch Week

Today it will be exacly one week before I'll fly to Iceland.

I packed half of my stuff, threw away even more and forgot to pack the rest (or something)

The bad thing is that I only have one half car to move the rest.

Last friday my brother had a serious car crash with our beautiful little Suzuki Swift. (Anybody who's got a car for sale?) Luckily he and the other driver in the (German Audi) other car had no injuries, but still... Car to the graveyard and my brother no windsurfing for weeks... Even worse is that today Herrie had a car crash too (today)!

But yes...Iceland, there the roads are just rocks and sand, not so many cars and loads of free space without red lights. I think I'll be fine there. (See pick, just like Center Parcs...the city Reykjavík)

Yesterday went out climbing in Haarlem. Which was really cool! So many nice routes trough the roof and so many nice new fresh boulders! I even climbed a 7 (the blue one on the right side of the Mushroom).

Now my arms are tired and my body is screaming for rest...Now way that I'll rest this week. My schedule is way too busy for that. The mission is to climb 8a in Iceland this summer, and I will (I hope). So training is my mail thing now. This weekend I'll rest, build up some new muscles and then...then...Climb finally on real Icelandic rock again! (Aaaah, can't wait!)

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valdimar said...

check list-

-flight number.
-climbing shoes.
-loads of fresh skin on fingers for climbing :)