Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back Home in the cold and rainy Netherlands

Finally after 2 months of holiday, back home...
And immediately competing in the BAZ (bouldering on the beach or Bouderen Aan Zee).
I was tired, nacked even. So I thought, no finals for me. But, I was in the finals! Totally unecspected! Id been bouldering for all day, trying 7ens, so all my energy was already gone. Too bad. So at 8o clock I stood there between the four best Dutch females (all competing in worldcups boudering and leadclimbing). Nervous as hell and totally nacked from all the bouldering I did before. My hands were shaking when I started in the first of the three boulders. I was terrebly nervous, too nervous. I couldnt do it. It was at about 6b, an easy one.
Okay, shit happens. Next boulder. Again. Terrebly nervous, and again, I just couldnt reach the top. Almost tears in my eyes, because, normally, when I train bouldering I win easilly of Irene and Maaike.
The last one was even worse, luckily nobody could do the start. So the problem changed. And again, I didnt reach the top. Too shit.
On the end evereybody praised my archievement because I just came home from my holiday and all the girls had been training for this competition. So it was all not that bad...
Next time better. Next competition: 24th of september, Leadclimbing.
See you then.

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