Saturday, September 20, 2014


About how rich you can feel and loose it all in just a couple hours.

Golfje is one of the most precious things I own.

I just made a last ride. Windows fully open, listening to the sound of the small 1.6 Diesel engine. One-on-twentyfive and when I'd go slow one-on-twentyeight. More efficient then most of the modern cars, less pollution as no new car has been made to replace Golfje.
Giving a little more gas, taking the corners, my hair flying in the wind. Just going nowhere with a smile on my face, because I'm driving Golfje.

Athough I try to have as less as possible, Golfje is one of the things I liked to keep.
Until January 2014.
In the Netherlands the economy changed. And thus taxes changed.
With the excuse to stimulate people to buy new cars and to have less pollution the government decided that all cars younger then 40 years have to pay full taxes. Suddenly my 1981 VW Golf mk1 is not an oldtimer anymore.
In the case of Golfje that is over €800,- taxes annually. And suddenly also the insurance went up to €37 per month.

Golfje suddenly became the most expensive thing I owned.
Just over a year ago Golfje was worth over €1000,-

Today I sold Golfje. For €500,-
That hurt. A lot.

Just before Golfje will drive to Belgium with his new owner.

I really wanted to make the car into a perfect daily. Fresh paint, perfect engine, and keep the cool look of the BBS rims.

Hopefully the new owner keeps his promise and make Golfje into the car that it deserves to be. At least he seemed friendly and even brought an authentic Belgian pie called 'vlaai' :)

Later on the day I paid the taxes on my salary for the last quarter. More then €600 disappeared off my account to the Dutch tax services.

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