Sunday, November 24, 2013

Petzl Dutch Drytool Event 2013

Almost. Almost.
Just one more route to set and some to fix a bit, and then we're done!
21 routes in just over 1 week time, that's not bad :)
Living in the gym and climbing, running and route setting every day makes me quite fit. And I love the climbing so much that sleeping on the couch is just fine actually...

I got really motivated by the progress and the help of Jeroen, Elwin, Bas, Erik, Jelle and all the happy people working in the gym.
Here some pictures of the progress...

Day 1. The first route, womens finals

Day 2. Chains in the finals, this is going to be spectacular!

Day 3. Routesetting in the rain...

Day 4. The wall is getting full of drytool-fun

Day 5. Getting tired. I need coffee...

Day 5 in the night... Barista Rens trying drytooling for the first time! In the freezing cold...

Day 6. My friends

Day 7. Rotterdam by night, whoa what a party...!

Day 8. Just 5 more routes...

Day 9. Jelle testing the Womans finals

Day 9, today, Jelle testing the womans finals whils I'm finetuning the mens finals.

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