Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dutch National Lead Series in my home-gym

Last weekend the national leadclimbing series took place in Monte Cervino, my local gym.
As it was my regular climbing gym I had no reason not to join.

I had (as usual) a big chunk in my throat, felt super nervous. Sweaty hands, trying to get enough chalk on my hand with every move I made.
And then all those people watching me climb. I just find that all só scary!

But it was all not too bad reaching 4th place in between other Sportsclimbing team-members. Not too bad after a full iceclimbing Winter without any specific sporclimbing/finger training.
And I even felt a bit of progression: I feel less nervous then a couple months ago.
Maybe I should do this more often and actually get better in dealing with my nervousness-issues :)

Ruben took a video of my final climb (thanks Ruben)

Congrats to all who dared to compete and to the winners: Nikki and Tim.

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