Monday, August 13, 2012

Iceland Basalt pt. 5

Yes, I just did something utterly brilliant.
I accidentally deleted all new pictures and short movies from my iPhone before the transfer to my laptop was finished.

And as the iTunes backup wasn't finished either I lost all.
All super awesome pictures from the most beautiful wall are lost now.
Nothing of our ascents is left. (Great...)
Just these here which I hadn't deleted yet...
So no new movie about what we did last week :(

Okay, little summing:
opened new stuff, climbed old stuff, did some glacier ice, saw Iceland in bad weather: wind&rain and now chill out in Reykjavik as the weather is supposed to be best here (just a bit of rain and wind)

Now I forgot what the Sun looks like and dream about the loose pillar in Hangikjöt...

Time for some more climbing today and tomorrow. Gerðuberg is on the list. 

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n ico said...

NOOOO SUCKERS..... :-( zit met smart te waachten..bugger.