Saturday, July 07, 2012

Zonder (Without)

The 'Zonder' crew

This Friday was my Dutch debut on the big screen!
I play in a short documentary about "ZZPers" (zelfstandige zonder personeel, or: freelancers)
In the documentary tell a bit about of my life and story as freelancer.

Producer Johan Kramer made a documentary about 'us five' together with only freelancers. (click on his name for a really nice and funny website about Johan himself)
A whole documentary without anyone on a payroll.
It required quite a bit of organisation the guide all the 38 creative freelance minds into the same direction.
To my surprise it all went quite easy. Really fun actually.
It felt like all of us had something to share as being all freelancers. Like we understood each other.
After a month of really, really hard working and editing it's finished.
The result as a documentary of just 8 minutes. Telling the inspiring stories of Glancy, Joachim, Kees, Sylivia... and me :)

At the premiere
I expected having to arrive in my best dress, shoes and a lot of glamour but just as the film itself is pure, the premiere itself was pure as well. We had to be there as 'ourselves'. So I arrived in my favourite dress. My shins still bruised and scratched of the Ettringen climbing weekend and my hair fluffy as always.
With Sara Kroos as presenter of the day, the head of a big insurance company as sponsor of the project, Johan on stage to tell more about his ideas and us five on special chairs on the side of the big white screen to answer questions of the viewers.
Just 8 minutes but it was good. My voice, face, text, it looked like me. Like who I am.
I guess I can be a little bit proud of the result :)
After the film (it looked so good!) we had time to chat with everyone who was involved. Nice to be around everyone again and share experiences.

But it wasn't finished yet.
That evening we had Berg Bios.
We turned our local gym wall into an outdoor cinema.
A big group gathered for a climbing movie in the grass.
Dosage IV is what we watched and before the real climbing they asked me to show Zonder.
I maybe found it more exciting and scary to show myself to my fellow climbers then to watch the actual   premiere earlier that day.
Between the climbing holds my face was projected on the climbing wall. A cool and rare view :)

Screenshot from the documentary Zonder
All 'Zonder' Pictures by Louiza here

Chris Sharma on the head wall of our gym :)

Tired of all the excitement I fell asleep when Tommy Caldwell was climbing his two-in-a-day routes on the Nose in Yosemite...

Time to go home and just be together with Dennis. Who accompanied me on this memorable day.

The flowers I got from 'Zonder' and the sponsor of the movie Nationale Nederlanden

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ZONDER teaser from ZONDER. | Johan Kramer on Vimeo.

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