Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's been years since I visited the 'Kalverstraat' in Amsterdam.
This time the excuse was my brother: he needed some new clothing. Trousers, shoes, sweaters, t-shirts...
All he has is worn out and just needs to be replaced. 
The last time he went shopping was before he started his Master Industrial Design. 
This week he graduated. 

I'm so proud! He has just finished his studies and got his Masters in Science degree :)
So time to go shopping.
It's sale. And just a normal weekday. 
I was surprised: all those people so desperate to find good deals. It's all totally crowded, messy and theres so much choice that it became hard to choose which shop we should visit first. 
I was wondering if all these people actually need those clothes. 
I like shoes. I have quite a bunch. I like clothes. But I feel I'm far not as desperate to buy-buy-buy as those girls (and guys!) around me. 
After 2 hours we were fed up by walking in the crowd and bought an icecream to relax. 
We charged up and went on. 
And then I realised I forgot my wallet. Brilliant :D
At 18:30 we were home again. Happy to sit down quietly and enjoy the silence.

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