Thursday, September 22, 2011

Powered by Petzl & ABK

Nothing to do this weekend? Looking for some fun but nobody to climb with? Looking for some beautiful climbs together with your friends and check out the newest gear without driving to a climbing shop? Want to figure more about the newest climbing clothing? Up for a pro photoshoot? And that all together with some of the BEST climbers of the region (BeNeLux)

Or do you prefer powder...? Or both?
Come check out the newest ski's, harnesses, climbing wear, snowboots and more. Relax and share adventures with the Petzl-team members!

Such bad timing that the National Championships Bouldering are planned at the same I'm 'forced' to go to Amsterdam Centraal climbing gym instead. But, say it: isn't it better to be outdoors and the Fryer limestone then indoors on Dutch plastic?

Come all and gather for the 'Powered by Petzl and ABK' event in Freyr (Belgium)!
Find out more about this fun and cool event in a total lay-back style. No comps, no challenges, just fun and relax and it all costs you nothing (cause nature is there for free)

For more info check this website:

They make the coolest climbing underwear ever! A real must-have for every climber.
So if you haven't figured a your buddies birthday present yet? Now you know what to buy. And...a dirt-bag climber can never have enough underwear ;)

(photos: ABK website)

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