Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Nomics

Earlier today I posted something about some Pr0n.
But, my real babies arrived today @ Demmenie from Alpitec/Petzl.

With my babies I mean my new Nomics (for the rookies: ice axes)
And gosh I'm happy with them! They're beautiful, precise, strong and...renewed.
These are finally more alpine style. Good for dry, mixed, ice and alpine lines. With such versatile axes, you can just have one pair, instead of 1. 2. 3. 4.... Which basically means: climbing gets cheaper :)

You can change the pick for dry/mixed or ice lines, put a hammer or adze on the top and for the oldies: they still have the attachment point for your leashes. That just sounds like adding lingerie and jewellery to a beautiful girl: makes it just perfect.

As I'm working in Rock Steady now, I had the chance the test my axes in real...
wood. See pics: I was hopping and running around everywhere looking for the perfect placements. And I even got myself a whole wall! I can use the wall as I want, slam the axes in, use crampons, and I don't need a belayer, as it's just a long boulder (see 1st pic) :) (Thanks Robbert!) and Rock Steady even had a wood wall. What more do you need as iceclimber in a flat country?!

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