Wednesday, August 20, 2008


And again we're chillin' in Gap the capital next to Ceuse.

I think we're addicted to internet...

Yesterday was quite a good day, and the days before actually too. Eythor also climbed Bibendum (7b+) and I flashed Dititic Line (7b) and tried Teuchipa 7c. Valdi onsighted the route (wich is as many points as climbing 8a+ minus 5 points on, thats what we're joking around about at the moment. Everybody here is keeping a list on 8a, except me, I'll only start doing that when I really climb 8a.

Today we'll chill-out at the gorge close to the climbing area Orpierre together with Leon and Wouter (see picca, Wouter relaxing after the 1hour walk up to the cliff) some Duch friends of mine.

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