Friday, June 27, 2008

The last day at ÍSOR

For half a year already I was working for the Icelandic Geothermal Research Institute, called ÍSOR (Íslensk Orku Rannsoknir).

And today was my last day... For the whole summer untill September I´ll be climbing and travelling. And that feels weird but good.

Here at ÍSOR everybody found it a pity that I´m leaving them. I have to say, thei´re I think the nicest people and most interesting people I´ve ever worked with. Its such a good atmosphere around my colleagues.

As a thank you I got a book, in Icelandic, about geothermal in Iceland. Almost all the employees of ÍSOR have worked on the book.

Signý, my closest colleague in the Svarfherbergið (soil room) gave me the book.

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